Who We Are...

Kismet Co. came together via a string of fortunate coincidences, which influenced our name. The store is a result of the combined efforts of founder Tim Brown and Co-Managers Audrey Brown and Jocelyn Richard. We are all locals who love and reside in Collinsville, and we are all passionate about creating a uniquely compelling experience that is enjoyable, ethical, and fun.

We feature a variety of unique gifts and goods. Herbal specialist Jocelyn Richard has cultivated numerous products in our “Hearth Witch Crafts” collection, also listed as HWC. Through impassioned research and months of trial and error, she was able to finalize her various creations, which range in use including bath, skincare, haircare, and emotional support. Come in any time to chat with Jocelyn about any custom blends you might be interested in, or check out the HWC line to shop some of these beloved and unique products!


Another unique line of creations featured in our store are Tim Brown’s custom woodworks. As the visionary and creator of these best selling gifts, Tim carefully selects the wood used in his work, and collaborates with customers to make the perfect piece. Between resin cutting boards, engraved signs, and other various gifts and everyday items, these products are a memorable staple of our store.


Also a crucial aspect of Kismet Co. is our artist features. We are focused on including various small and local artists within our space to promote their unique creations. Between stunning paintings, enchanting jewelry, engaging prints and a number of other exciting goods, we have something for everyone featured in our store. Visit our “Artists” page to learn more about the talented individuals we are working with, and to shop their products online!


Check us out to find something that sparks joy in your life all while supporting small business and our charming small town.


Meet the Team!


Audrey Brown is UX Designer who teamed up with close friend and colleague Jocelyn Richard to create their shared vision of Kismet Co. Between her many years of working in retail and her passion for visual design and elevated experiences, developing a rad store was a project she simply couldn’t turn down. Audrey helps to run this ship by creating store visuals and branding while managing the store's online presence. She also makes a small selection of products sold in store, including pressed flower art, HWC products, and a few other things here and there. Her interests include historical research, cats, all things design, iced coffee and everything about the outdoors.



Jocelyn Richard is a jill of all trades who has helped to cultivate Kismet’s unique image alongside childhood pal Audrey. With her varied background in customer service, cuisine, herbology and welding, she brings a lot of experience and vision to the space. As the founder of HWC, Jocelyn spends a large portion of time researching and experimenting with herbal remedies. Plant medicine is a fierce passion of Jocelyn’s, and she would be thrilled to educate everyone and anyone on the magic of plants. In addition to the HWC products, Jocelyn helps run the store on a daily basis, maintaining our in store garden and bringing a cheery presence to the space. She also creates a variety of products into the space, and will feature some welding projects in the near future. Her interests include motorcycles, Jeeps, all things witchy, plant medicine, good times and kombucha. In addition to running Kismet Co, Jocelyn is very involved with The Litas, a women's motorcycling community.

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