Aphrodite's Oil is blended to inspire unconditional love and joy! This 10 mL roller is filled with organic Jojoba oil and organic essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Rose, and Sweet Orange. This sweet floral blend is infused with rose quarts crystals to add some extra healing magic. With this blend I've included a mantra to help instill self love.

Mantra: My body, mind, and spirit are beautiful. I bless myself with unconditional love.

I like to repeat this mantra to myself before applying the oils, again when I roll the oils onto my skin, then a third time as I deeply inhale the aromas. Soak in the love and joy, most importantly Enjoy the Moment!

Below I've listed the additional details included on the notecard.

Rose Quartz: Supports Root & Heart Chakra. Promotes and strengthens all types of love. Fosters unconditional love. Promotes joy & emotional healing. Fosters faith. Strengthens Hope. Helps overcome despair. Instills calm & peacefulness.

Lavender: -Calming, soothing, & relaxing. -Supports deep sleep. -Relieves anxiety -Reduces muscular pain & inflammation when massaged into skin.

Chamomile: -Stabilize and focus visionary Chakra.. -Soothe & heal the skin -Anxiety relief -Sleep inducing -Pain reliever & anti-inflammatory.

Rose: -Heals the heart - Aids finding joy in the everyday -Calming -Supports sleep -Reduces the appearance of wrinkles -Rejuvenates & smooths skin. -Balances hormones -Relieves some symptoms of pms and menopause.

Sweet Orange: -Uplifting -Calming -Relieves nervous tension -Dispels sadness -Supports the immune system.

Aphrodite's Oil