Inspired by online learning, the study buddy helps to motivate you to stay focused and improve memory retention. Study Buddy works best when its massaged into the temples and the back of the neck before and during study sessions. Peppermint offers a boost of energy to keep you going. Rosemary supports memory retention and mental clarity. Grapefruit is a mood booster that inspires us to overcome obstacles.

The informational note card includes the information below.

Rosemary: -Balance Emotions -Boosts Mood - Relieves Tension -Improves Memory -Supports Cognitive Function -Quells test anxiety.

Peppermint: -Supports concentration & focus -Promotes energy and alertness.
-Refreshing -Stimulating -Soothing.

Grapefruit: -Mood Booster. -Dispels mental fatigue. - Skin purifier -Promotes Alertness -Aids in overcoming obstacles.

Study Buddy Oil